Thursday, December 3, 2009

From a Go Groupie

Guest blogger Alaina Money...

I’m not sure how to start this entry because I’m not sure how to describe my many affiliations with Go Realty.  At this point it really is hard to untangle it all.  I guess I’m what you might call a Go Realty groupie-not an official member of the Go Realty team but I do work for a company owned by Jim Garman therefore I know what you are all in for…

Two years ago I was working for a builder and I wasn’t happy. I decided I was going to make a move  so I called up Allison Moriarty.  Allison hired me into this business and I loved working for her.  She’s smart, she’s fun and she pushes you.  When you work for Allison, you can’t help but step up your game.  The same week I was meeting Allison I ran into Jim at a TSMC breakfast.  I started asking around about what Jim had going on…it sounded CRAZY, unlike anything else out there so of course, I was IN.  Jim never even offered me a job, I basically just told him I was going to come work for him.  That was the easy part.  The hard part was telling Allison I wasn’t going to pursue working for her.  Ever the class act, Allison was supportive and encouraging and left the door open for me to call her again if things didn’t work out.

Well, things worked out in a big way although I always feel conflicted using the word ‘work’ to describe what it is like to manage the sales team at Garman Homes…it’s more like a privilege.  You know how the Chick-fil-A employees always say, ‘my pleasure’?  That’s what I should be saying.  Jim just gets it.  He creates companies with a culture that will inspire you, a mission that will astound you and an energy that will fuel you.  But more important than any of that-he’s a good person.

So two years later you lucky few don’t have the make the choice I had to make-you get the best of both worlds.  You get Allison & Jim.  My very own dream team.  Will they set the bar ridiculously high for you?  Yes.  But will you have the time of your life reaching that bar?  Hell Yes.

Enjoy yourselves Go Realty Team.