Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ready to Go!

guest blogger...identity hidden...for now...

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, if opportunity knocked, would we open the door and welcome it.  Or would we bar the door, turn off all of the lights, and run and hide in the closet until the coast is clear.  Usually opportunity does not make an appointment, but rather shows up at the most random time.  For me, the opportunity came in the form of a phone call from Jim Garman. 

Up until recently, I have been content working for a large franchise office.  I work with great people that I like and respect.  However, the company is large, so even though I am a top ten producer in my office, corporate does not know that I exist.  For the past year or so, I have been searching for ways to push myself to work harder, go into the office more often, and find purpose.  However, now that I give it serious thought, what has been truly missing for me in my office has been energy and inspiration.

Energy and inspiration are what I left with after my first meeting with Jim Garman.  Jim spoke to my value system, and the company focus on people...not houses...really spoke to my core values.  The plans for technology are amazing and cutting edge, just what our high tech clients in this area will appreciate, and so will I.  The location is going to be awesome...what's not to love about having a Starbucks, Moes, Bonefish, Carolina Cafe, and Ruth Chris next door!  I love the thought of Angels handling phone duty.  Of course the opportunity to make more money and not be nickel and dimed out of my hard earned commission is especially exciting. 

I am ready to Go with Go.