Monday, November 9, 2009

Angel Files...Melonie Ladd

melonie and family

0ur third angel and guest blogger, Melonie Ladd.  (picture coming!)

Angels, yeah, I like that. Inspiration...that's what it said to me when I read it on the blog the day Jim asked me to write a paragraph or so about myself and my family.  You see I have three angels and they are my motivation and reason for joining Go Realty. I want to teach them work ethic and responsibility and loyalty and dedication and to enjoy what they do and and be happy with their careers and always be positive and someone people want to be around. That is everything this company stands for and the collective vision of everyone who joins this exciting adventure.  What better way to teach them these awesome characteristics than to lead by example?

I am so excited to have connected with a group of people who share the vision that things can be done different and things can be done better. A group of people that believe in the grass roots mentality of customer service. A group of people who believe in making the future brighter for others. A group of people who believe in imagining and angels.

Here's to my angels and their future! Where are my sunglasses?  :)