Monday, November 2, 2009

Angel Files...Kristi Burkett

Kristi and Kailey.small

our newest angel, Kristi Burkett, with her daughter Kailey

The night before my meeting with Jim to discuss working at Go Realty my husband said “You may be the only person that I know that is excited about work”.  Simply put, I know that Go Realty will be a magical place to work, unlike any other, because it is an environment that Jim has started to create. 
I can say first hand, based on my experience of working with Jim at Garman Homes that what he says is true.  The positivity will be everywhere, customers will be treated differently, support will be given when it is needed and motivation will be a part of every day. 
I am excited to work with folks that want to help each other, that want to share ideas, and that don’t care if their ideas are used by others.  This office will embrace and encourage out of the box ideas and I’m thrilled that I will be part of unique approaches to an age old industry.  As a new member of general brokerage I want to learn from the best and Go Realty will have the best!