Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tell a Story

The snow storm a few weeks ago was a great time with friends and neighbors in Oak Hall. The community really comes together for fun times like these. (Yes, that child is in a laundry basket!).

Brad & Megan

Tell a story.  This year, Jenn & Zach have proven the power of marketing through stories.  We write about the house, we write about the community, and we encourage our sellers to add their own voice.  Nothing beats a seller writing short blog entries on why they love their home.  And when the neighbors join in, it is magical. 

Visit a few of our 2009 listings to get the feel for this...217 Stonehedge, 31 Eden, 301 Hallwood, 306 Sparta.  Here is another example:

I'm really going to miss my barn. It was like my little house! It was a fun place to hang out whether you were actually building something or just pretending to build something. There was enough room for all of my tools and gadgets as well as a refrigerator, lawn mower, bicycles, and a motorcycle. It was where I built my son's tool box.


The result is memorable.  It's different.  And it allows the prospective buyer to not just learn about the house, but about the life they may live there.  Over and over we have been told that our stories have made the difference.