Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No Freeloaders, please

We will focus on agents with great attitudes and a growing business.  For your first year, I don't care if you do $2m or $10m, if you are fired up and passionate about your business, we are there for you!  On the other hand, if you are satisfied doing 6-8 transactions per year...year after year... we are not the right company for you. 

How do we draw the line?  This blog entry is a start.  We are telling the world that we don't want freeloaders.  If you miss the cap one year...and you continue to passionately pursue your business...you deserve a second chance.  If you miss the cap and you are just going through the motions...we will ask you to leave.  How will we know?  We'll know.  And so will you. 

If you miss the cap for a second year in a row, we'll ask you to leave.  Your spot is too valuable to waste. 

I believe strongly that my time is best spent with people who are deeply passionate about building their business.  Let other companies spin their wheels coaching the rest of the agents.  I know from experience that working with the best people to get better pays off HUGE.  And it is inspirational. 

No freeloaders, please.  Other companies may build their business on reaping high splits from low-producers.  Not us.  The emotional toll on our agents, our office culture, and my sanity would be too great.