Monday, October 19, 2009

Name Brand v. Start Up

As usual, the best blog entries are inspired by conversations with you guys...

There is no doubt we will lose some people who insist on a name brand real estate company.  Some people are drawn to familiar logos and familiar names.  It’s comforting.  But what we have also found is there are an equal or greater number of people who are drawn to local companies, companies they can root for, and companies where they feel that their business is making a difference. 

Urban Durham is a great example.   I thought the name "Urban Durham" was risky.  Not only was it not a brand name…it was so…limiting!  So polarizing!  But what they have found is that people are rooting for them and flocking to them because #1...they do a great job.  And #2...they are the “david” in the david v. goliath.  They are the home town team.  In fact, the Independent ranked them #1 Real Estate Firm in Durham this year.  In their first year! 

I think Go has this same potential.  If you were to move to Fonville...or Keller Williams…what would your reasons be?  What story would you tell your clients?  Maybe you made the move for a better commission split?  That's a tricky one to explain at a listing presentation...

When you make the move to Go Realty…you have a great story to tell.  A story about a unique marketing approach, a focus on clients rather than egos, a comfortable office environment, a high caliber group of people, and a local company that is giving back to the community.  The fact that Go Realty is a start-up makes a great excuse to tell our story. 

I've handed out over 100 business cards already...and each time someone flips one over and sees my little girl, they melt.  I have their complete attention for 60 seconds as I tell them about Go Realty.  Different is good.  New is good.