Friday, October 9, 2009

leaving a big company for a small new one

Making the decision to leave a large company for Urban Durham last year was difficult. I was aware of all the benefits of a large company both in getting leads and selling listings. While I was very excited about Urban Durham I worried that my business would suffer if I lost that recognizable red and blue sign.

This last year has affirmed my decision in many ways. As it turns out, my business has thrived.

Clients seem to be drawn to a company that is doing things differently and who cares about its clients and city. Not only have I met some wonderful walk-in clients I would also say former clients and friends are more inclined to recommend me because they believe in what I'm doing. Friends and clients have rallied behind Urban Durham in ways I couldn't have expected.

I'm confident that Go Realty will have the same response. People are looking for something new in real estate and Go Realty offers that. A small company who cares is something people can get behind much more than a ubiquitous red and blue sign.

Visit guest blogger,Jessica Sadler and her company Urban Durham Realty on the web.  Imagine.