Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leap of Faith

zach in ball pit

guest blogger...Zach Schabot

Hello, my name is Zach Schabot and I am one of the trio now known as Garman Realty.  I joined Garman Realty on March 17, 2009 after spending 4 years as a member of the Wood Team at RE/MAX Partners.  When Jim approached me about joining the company I was curious...but skeptical.  I had a million questions.  Their team always seemed to be enjoying work and having fun.  But what happens when the fun wears off?  Why would someone choose Garman over a well-known brand like REMAX?  What would I tell John Wood (our team leader and a very good friend of our family)?    What would my clients say?  Would people really buy into the "rock star" theme?  Is this company filled with a bunch of happy idiots who have no clue what they're doing?  Would I make as much money?  Would I have the same opportunities for growth?  What if the company failed?

BUT then I thought- What if Garman succeeded?  Hmmm.... what if they really do have a great work environment where people enjoy working?  Could I be a part of something big?  EVERY real estate company started at some point. Why not this company and why not now?  Many of them faced adversity and were ridiculed by long-standing, established companies.  I could always go back to work for REMAX or one of the other firms.  But how often could I be a part of something at the ground level?  Something I believe in.  Something that is just crazy enough to work.  The "anti-traditional" real estate company.

At the end of the day, it takes a leap of faith.  There are millions of questions, some have answers and some don't.  I believed in Jim Garman's vision and the culture he represents.  So I jumped.  And now, I have the chance to be a part of something even bigger.  It's go time.