Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just Ask Anybody!

Katie has nailed me with this one many times.  When we can't agree and we exhaust all of our arguments, she will pull out the big gun...she'll say,  "Just ask anybody!"  And then she'll proceed to give me a list of recommended people...Alaina, my mom, etc. 

Just ask anybody.  It's a powerful weapon. 

And this is exactly what people do when shopping for realtors and real estate firms.  And here's the kicker...people don't go to the company's website or even the agent's website for the truth.  They google stalk you.  They are looking for outside confirmation.  They want to know what other people think!

At Garman Homes, we learned this early.  Matt & Leigh bought the fourth Garman Home ever.  And after he moved in, he wrote this on City Data:

Jim Garman

Thoughts: Great floor plans. Great Prices. We bought the Pinehurst floor plan. Jim Garman and his G-Team are wonderful to work with. Jim is an up and coming builder just getting started opening his own business (He previously worked for D.R. Horton). Jump on quickly before the word gets out about how great his homes are and his prices increase!

Full Post 

87 homes later...we credit Matt's post with 10 sales!  That's amazing.  When you google "Garman Homes", this post is still in the top 10.  Thank you Matt! 

We can do the same thing with our clients.  If we've done a great job, it's easy to ask for referrals and it's easy to ask for web posts.  It doesn't cost a dime and it works.