Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Inspiration - Story Telling

The J. Peterman Company.  Are you familiar with their catalog?  Rather than simply describe their products and list prices and sizes...The J Peterman Company helps you imagine their products in your life.  The stories are incredible. 


According to the catalog, this is not just a bag, it's an "Heirloom Gladstone Bag"
Try looking in the attic first.

You don’t have one? Then it’s time maybe to go to the secret barn. Somewhere there is one.

And it’s filled with everything.

Look…there under that huge pile of saddles and hats…it seems to be the hood of a car. Oh no. It’s the Packard. It’s the 12-cylinder Packard convertible somebody (Emily?) once drove across the country. The doors are locked.

…but inside the car seems to be stuffed with old clocks, framed oil paintings, a leopard skin, books, boots, brass fishing reels, stamp albums…

You can’t take it all in. At the other end of the barn you notice a marble table, a beautiful slim-wheeled two-seat carriage, a stack of a dozen carved chairs, a leather trunk…it’s all too much at once…

You trip on something. What is it? A leather suitcase of some kind. You lift it by its handles. It has old European hotel stickers on it. You grab it and practically run…you’ll come back to the barn some other time…

In broad daylight you examine it. A beautiful, mellow old leather Gladstone. (That’s what they used to call them.) Rather defiantly and ruggedly old-fashioned looking. Strong enough to go down the Nile, across the Alps, through the Canal, over the oceans, but still small enough to carry aboard a plane. A thing like this would cost a fortune these days…

Heirloom Gladstone Bag (No. 1006). Rich Brown full-grain cowhide, handsome but meant to be abused. Brass fittings throughout. Cloth-lined. Big enough to swallow a lot, but not too big: 9-1/2” wide x 18” long x 14” tall.

$598  (52” shoulder strap included.) 

Thank you J. Peterman Company.  We'll take it from here.