Sunday, October 4, 2009

Celebrate Your Client!

On Friday night I walked into a pool hall and received a standing ovation.  Of course, there were only 12 people there, but made me feel great!  It was my first time there, I didn't know a soul (except my buddy that I was meeting), and within 10 seconds I was completely comfortable.  And the coolest I am two days later telling people about it!

Garman Homes celebrates our customers each year by putting on a red-carpet event!  The Rock Star Awards Show is our way of saying THANK YOU to the families who trust us to build their homes.

The entire event costs $4-5k...but the memories are priceless.  Imagine how many people tell their friends about Garman Homes picking them up in a limousine?

At Go Realty we believe that the client is the center of our world.  Nothing is more important.  And rather than just say it, we will show it.  Remember, it's our clients' pictures on our website, it's our clients' pictures on our signs, and it's our clients' testimonials that will tell the world how good we are.  We won't need to say a word.

Celebrate your client!