Friday, October 2, 2009

big company to Go

Jen & Family
guest blogger...Jenn Cole

Last year I took the leap to move from a large real estate firm to Garman Realty, now Go Realty.  It has been one of the best decisions that I have made.  I have always had a passion for this job, but now I have passion for the company that I work for.

I was not sure at first if this was going to be the fit for me.  But as I look back to the other major decisions that I have made in my life, it really just made sense.

When I searched for a college, I looked around to the point where my head was spinning.  Finally, I stumbled upon Elon University and loved it.  Two things that I loved were the individual attention from my professors and the Wednesday morning breakfast where students and faculty met at the fountain to catch up.  I felt like part of a community and not just another fish in the sea.

The other comparable that I have to Go Realty is from my previous career as a Store Manager with Caribou Coffee.  It was a small company that started in a couple's apartment in Minnesota.  The company is focused on two things: great product and unbeatable customer service.  With that they grew to over 300 stores in 10 years.  Far behind the #1 coffee chain in the world, but it was about more the being the biggest, they wanted to be the best.

Go Realty captures the best of these ideas.  It is not about having billions of dollars in closed inventory every year.  Let’s face it...does your seller really care?  Go Realty is about being the best…not the biggest.  We focus on each client, making them part of our community and working our magic with them.  People that I have worked with this year have noticed the difference and the word is spreading.  This is not your father’s real estate company...