Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why Now?

I love this question. 

The timing is perfect.  The poor economy has created disruption in the market.  Clients and agents are questioning traditional real estate models.  Big real estate firms are crawling back into their shells rather than going out on a limb and innovating. 

People are hungry for something different.  We may not know exactly what "the next generation" real estate company looks like...but we agree that it is a freight train.  Change is inevitable.  The question is who has the energy, the passion,  and the team to pull it off? 

Fonville Morisey was forged during the economic and political chaos of the early 1970s.  A decade later Gary Keller and Joe Williams chose to start their firm while interest rates were soaring to double digits.  Down turns have proven fertile ground for new real estate companies. 

Go Realty is ready to take the torch. Why should we leave the public thinking that the only way to innovate in real estate is to discount.  It's just not true.  Starbucks.  Apple.  These are brands that continue to thrive and command a premium because people relate to them...on a personal level.  Buying a home is a lot more personal than buying a computer...there should be an apple-equivalent brand in real estate.