Monday, September 21, 2009

Why Go Realty? (Agent Edition)

The tag line for this blog should be...Agent Edition.  It's for you guys.  Real Estate professionals.  People who live and breath transactions, HUDs, commission splits, virtual tours, and square footages.  I own a real estate company...and you are my clients..and you are my partners.  I want to get this right so that you are fired up to come to work at Go Realty every day.  I also know that if you are fired up, your clients will notice.  It's contagious.

Our clients deserve a blog of their own.  Why Go Realty...Client Edition.  It's coming.  From the conversations I've had with each of you and from the feedback we've received from our teaser's coming.  People are hungry for a change.  We'll give it to them.