Friday, September 25, 2009

Who is Jim Garman? Part 2

When do you do your best work?

A.  When directions are made clear to you

B.  When you are juggling several projects

C.  When you feel like it

D.  When you are under pressure

I stared at this question.  I blinked.  I reread it.  I was a junior in college and I really wanted to do well on this personality test.  It was a part of the Procter & Gamble Summer Internship application.  The P&G internship was a big deal.  Seriously.  Hundreds of people apply for just a few unpaid spots each summer.  P&G (makers of Tide, Crest, Ivory, etc) give you a crash course on brand management and business.  It sounded great.

Until I got to the question above.  What would you answer?  Read it again.  As a keen test-taker, I felt drawn towards answers B & D.   I like juggling several projects...If I'm struggling on one of them, I have others to keep me motivated.  And certainly when I'm under pressure, I usually find a way to get things done.  These sounded like qualities that P&G may appreciate.  Answer A, however true it might be for many of us, sounded like a cop out. And answer C...oh boy...answer C went against every test-taking instinct I had!

But the more I thought about it...the more I realized...I do great work when directions are clear, I also do well when juggling projects and when the pressure is on...But I do my BEST work...when I feel like it.  Plain and simple.  I filled in the bubble for answer C.

I didn't get the internship.  But I'll never forget the question.  When do you do your best work?  I believe that our job as managers, friends, husbands, wives and real estate agents is to create the environment where people "feel like it".  Because when people "feel like it" they can do amazing things.