Monday, September 21, 2009

Splash Page - A Glimpse

The Splash Page for Go Realty has been an inspiration!  I love hearing from people across the Triangle about what they are looking for in a Realtor.  I didn't know if people would take this seriously or just type jibberish.  It turns out people really want to have a voice.


I want a realtor who...

  • calls me at least once every week or ten days about what is going on with my property

  • knowledgeable, honest, proactive....

  • is a listing agent, but also scours their contacts for a buyer for my listing. A realtor who is focused on selling homes in the zip code in which my home is listed.

  • is not out to get you to spend money on a house that you are trying to sell. I want them to care about my budget limitations.

  • I want an agent to: 1. Tell me exactly what I need to do to the house to prepare it for sale. 2. Give me a realistic price so it will sell within the first 60 days. 3. Present a marketing plan that shows what will be done to sell the property.

  • Who is not chasing the high seller commissions and force-feeding me those listings. I want a realtor who understands my wife's champagne taste, but keeps my beer budget

  • Is not gimicky. Does not play tricks with me OR the other buyer or seller. Does honest business and doesn't lie to me or the other buyer/seller to get your way. Closes on time.

  • I want a realtor who listens, is readily available around MY schedule, & is friendly (not so "all business"). This person is helping me find a home so I want him or her to understand my needs/wants and find what I'm looking for but also try to look…

  • Finds property before I do and is proactively seeking out good fits and not just reacting to my requests.

  • Will advertise my property for sale extensively, use their local connections to get buyers into my home, and give me feedback on staging the home for sale,

  • cares about me more than the transaction or the money their making. I want a realtor that's ultimate goal is to make sure we're absolutely and completely thrilled with our home buying or selling experience. Who's patient, understanding and flexible

I want a real estate company that...

  • markets the property beyond multiple listing book

  • recruits and hires the best talent from the industry. The company should only seek those who go out there and make an effort to sell a home, not wait for another realtor to bring them a buyer. A company that stands behind their product and service.

  • Knows the realtors that it hires.

  • I want a company that will work on a sliding scale commission working of an appraised price.

  • That I can be proud to refer friends/co-wrokers to. That challenges the status quo and brings a fresh perspective to the real estate experience

  • Is classy. Closes on time. Is cheerful and helpful on the phone. Serves coffee...good coffee, with real cream :)

  • Maybe treat their agents with respect and allow them to take care of their clients the way they see fit. (this probably isn't very helpful!)

  • I want a company that...lets their agents make decisions without a lot of hype! And I would like to see a company that celebrates with agents when great things happen and sympathizes when things are not going so well...

  • That provides realtors that do everything I just mentioned. Flexible with pricing and commissions. If we've done business before, that should count for something and I should be treated differently than someone who just walks in the door for the first time.

  • showcases my house. Whether it's a national or local company, I don't want my house to seem just like every other house that is for sale but special. That might take the form of a great video and/or description.

  • Meets all of my needs and can provide an integrated approach to real estate. I want a network of agents, lenders, contractors and inspectors that can help me make an informed decision on a property.

  • I want a company that... can tap into the new genaration of buyer without losing sight of the rest of the population... edgy, but not too edgy that it pushes people away.

  • I want a company that takes the time to know their clients and their wants and needs. A personal relationship with a client will always get further with me than someone who has to look up your chart to figure out what ya'll were talking about yesterday.

  • Has a good reputation in the community ethics wise, doesn't charge unneccessary fees (i.e. "doc fees" for preparing contracts), doesn't have questionable relationships with service providers (i.e. pressure clients to use a title company owned by their parent, etc)

If you haven't already, go to our Splash Page and submit your own thoughts.  Pass the link along...