Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Kind of Agent

We're looking for real estate agents who LOVE practicing real estate.  Do you delight  your clients?  Do you blur the lines between work and play because you love  your job?  Do you melt inside when your client's two-year old daughter gives you a high five at the closing table?  Do you "do the right thing" always, knowing that in the long, long run it will come back to you?  Do  you pay it forward?  Do you wonder why real estate companies hang onto deadbeats?

Are you low drama?  Do you hate idle-water cooler chatter in the office.  Are you looking to surround yourself with a motivated, upbeat group of people?  Do you still think you have things to learn?  Do you believe there is a better way?  Are you willing to help figure out what it is?  Do you want to double your business?

This is not for everyone.  A good attitude is required.  Giving each other the benefit of the doubt is required.  Capping is required.  The first year will be hard as we hammer all this out.  But it will also be exciting.  You will help us shape this company.  I remember working for John Sanders at Fonville Morisey and I was always in awe of him...hearing about how he was among the first people hired at FM.  How cool is that?