Monday, September 7, 2009

The Origin - What if...

What if Tommy Fonville and Johnny Morisey were to start their company today? What would it look like? How would they build the company for the next generation of realtors and clients? What if they could do it without any baggage? Without a committee? Without worrying if their current agents would "get it" and jump on board? What if they could it?

These are the questions that have run through my head since my first days at Fonville. And I'm sure you guys have asked similar questions about the places you have worked. It's fun to imagine. Who doesn't want to find a better way? That's why we are here.

We are asking ourselves...
- What should our office "feel like"? Where should it be?
- How should we invest our marketing dollars?
- What do clients look for in a real estate agent today?
- Why not share our profits with our agents?
- How many company forms do agents really need to fill out?
- What services can a company provide an agent that would really make a difference?

Go Realty is our chance to answer these questions...without anyone telling us we are crazy. We don't have it all figured out. Even on 01.01.10 we won't have it all figured out. But together we are going to define the next generation real estate company.