Monday, September 7, 2009

Office Thoughts...The Feel

Friendly, comfortable, accessible. A place where people gather to catch up and to work. Open. Wireless. Inspiring. Memorable. More than anything, we would like to create an environment where our agents and our clients enjoy gathering.

Think about Panera. I am blown away with how much business is done in a Panera. Seriously. Why is that? I love meeting people at Panera b/c there is fresh coffee (I don't drink coffee, but so many people do), there is reliable and free wireless, the booths and chairs are comfortable, they don't kick out you, and everyone knows where it is. No need for directions.

Check out that fireplace...maybe someday we'll have one of those too!

And now let's consider an Apple store. I love the hustle and bustle of an Apple store. Open, clean, friendly, well-lit. Apple really knows how to create an environment where people feel comfortable. Why can't a real estate office do the same thing?

This is what we are going for. Why not? Real Estate can be professional without being stuffy. I think the next generation gets this.