Monday, September 7, 2009

Office - Location Discussion

Where do we put our first office? Big Question! It's must be someplace "cool" and accessible. Someplace where people already work and play. Not a stand alone building...not a destination...but a part of where you would go during your day. If only there were such a place available next to a Starbucks or Panera...

And as this is our first one...we want to be centrally located so we can draw great agents from the entire market. It would be great if it was someplace all the agents knew about already. It would make giving directions easier...This is what I wrote in our business plan about the location:

We are looking for…
  • Gathering Place – A location that is already a meeting place for the next generation of homebuyer. A place that people walk by or drive by every day. A place where they get their coffee, grab a sandwich, meet friends.
  • Wow Factor – A location that will knock the socks off agents we are recruiting. “Wow! I can’t believe you guys will be there!”
  • No Directions Needed – A location that everyone knows without description or google. Agents and Clients will both know it with a seven word description.
  • Path of Progress – Area that is still growing, moving forward, more infrastructure planned.
  • Nobody Else There –Ideally, the location is not where other real estate companies have thought to locate. We don’t want a normal office building. We don’t want to be on Strickland near Falls of the Neuse.

This is a tall order, a tall latte. But then we found it. It turned out to be someplace where I go all the time to meet people for work and play.