Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Go Realty - Raising the Bar

Let's get down to the nuts and bolts of what Go Realty provides for our team of agents.  When shopping for real estate companies we GET that you have a choice.  After all, you guys are the ones who are still producing in a tough market.  You can pretty much write your ticket.

I want to make Go Realty a place you WANT to come work.  Because of the approach, the attitude, the services, and the money!  As part  of our $200 monthly fee, here's what we include for each agent:

  • Agent Website - First a simple one page website, after you cap, a more robust one!

  • Biz Cards -- Yes, we'll pay for the first 500 each year.  Again, the bar is high.  We want a consistently quality look for our team.  Very soon I'll show you some mock ups...but for now take my word for it...these cards are cool.

  • Web & iPhone Transaction Management - To-Do's, Documents...manage it online and through your iPhone.

  • Email - IM - Google Docs...of course.

  • E&O Insurance & Workers Comp

  • Sign Installation & Removal

  • Sign Panels - Custom Panels with your name/phone number are $20 each.

  • Sign Riders - Web Address for your property

  • Domain Purchase - 1 Year - for each of your listings

  • Professional Pictures - Good ones!

  • Virtual Tour -- Using the Pictures...Have you seen Tour Factory?  Like that.

  • Diagram of House & Measurement - Takes the pressure off us and gives us a great marketing piece.

  • http://whygorealty.blogspot.com/2009/09/filegorealtybiz.html - We talked about this already...how nice to have someone else do your filing!

  • Access to Licensed Concierges - Available to help you for reasonable prices...home inspections...updating MLS...flyers.  You name it, we have great people who are already trained on our software.

I'm sure there is more...this is off the top of my head.  Many of these deserve...and will have...their own blog entry, this is just a teaser.  I'm open to questions.