Monday, September 7, 2009

Congratulations! Now Fill out the Paperwork, please.

It was always a mixed blessing...get a a bunch of paperwork. Sell a a bunch of paperwork. Close a a bunch of paperwork. It seemed like no good deed went unpunished. And most frustrating...the paperwork I would fill out when I sold a listing was strikingly similar to the paperwork I filled out when I turned in the listing. Hmmm...

At Go Realty, we have a 10 question maximum. When you do something great, such as sell a house, there is a short 10-question quiz that you will fill out. That's it! So long as you have turned in all the usual documents to we will be sure to put everything together for you. No need for you to print the MLS page, we'll do that. No need for you to make three copies of the HUD, we got it. And no need for you to write the seller's first/last/address again! We have it from when you turned in the listing the first time.

We simply need notification from you that something exciting has happened! We'll take it from there. And you can get back to work.