Tuesday, September 15, 2009

70/30 till $23,000 Cap

...then 90%.  And here is what is really great...these splits are "true percentages," there is not a 6% off the top fee to a corporate office that you will never see.  No transaction fee to you or the client.  We are a local company and we will grow to 4-5 large offices, but you will never see an "overhead charge" deducted from your split . Never.

I'm sure you are already running the numbers in your head, but here's one way of looking at it.  You can cap after just $2.5m-$3.0m of volume, depending on your average commission percentage.  From there on, you are at a true 90% split.

And one more thing, we are never going to punish you guys if the market falters for a few years.  The cap may go up from time to time, think of it as a cost-of-living increase, but we will never raise it without reason.  I figure if our revenue is down...SO IS YOURS!  So why take it from you?  It's time to be creative and nimble.

This is the only plan available.  Everyone will be on the same page.  I hate flying on an airplane and wondering what the guy next to me paid...sometimes real estate offices can feel that way.  Not at Go Realty.

PS.  While we are talking money, there is a $200/month fee.